Hello Kitty (HKIS040/C11)

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Hello Kitty is a Japanese brand. The glasses of this name are perfect for children. Each frame features the Hello Kitty brand logo and lots of colors from blue, brown, honey, lilac to pink and black.

Kid's - Children's glasses have a variety of colors and are often decorated with playful details.
Fullrim - The closed type glasses are strong and durable, because the lenses are covered with metal or plastic frames. This type of frames are recommended for people with high diopters.
Pink - Pink, traditionally associats with sensitivity, tenderness and femininity. Pink eyeglasses frames and sunglasses are popular among young girls to help create a girly image.
Nombre de la marca Hello Kitty
Lenght 130
Altura 47
Anchura 16
Género Kid's
Material Plastic
Color del marco Pink
Tipo Fullrim
EAN 2023001153603